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AIXM-J is an Open Source software library written in Java that can used to read or write data in AIXM5
format. Aeronautical Information Exchange (AIXM) is designed to enable the management and distribution of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) data in digital format. AIXM-J can be easily integrated into your own application. AIXM-J uses dom4j and jaxen for its XML processing. This library requires Java 5 or greater.

The goal of this project is to provide an independent, easy to use library that can enable applications to read or write AIXM5 data.  It could also be used to convert databases to or from AIXM5.

Project News

February 22, 2008

Initial source code is made available to the public. Several basic features have been implemented such as airports, runways, and navaids, The XML representation has not been validated and the software is still in alpha. Several example programs have been included with the source.